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Strawberries & Cream Anyone?

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~ UPcomeing Litter ~

LITTER: Piper & Dash


READY: August/September 2023

AVAILABLE: Male & Female Reservations

PRICE: $1800 

Miniature/Medium F1bb Goldendoodle Puppies 25-35 lbs 14-16″ Apricot, Red and Red w/White Markings

Ridge Valley is excited to announce…

Strawberries & Cream Goldendoodles!!!

~ F1bb Small Standard Doodles and Miniature Doodles with the most Hypoallergenic Qualities for a Doodle Dog!


~ F1bb Doodles are excellent for people with significant allergies and sensitivities to dogs.  


~ 87% Poodle (Hair) and 13% Golden (Fur) making them absolutely the most hypoallergenic, low to non-shedding in the Goldendoodle Generations bred.

Why are Ridge Valley Goldendoodles different?

We raise our dogs and puppies with the highest quality nutrition and supplements on the market.   Their systems are built up properly to help aid in healthy skin and coat which in turn aids in the hypoallergenic qualities of our dogs!

ADVANCED RESERVATIONS are being accepted for 2023 Exact dates are yet to be determined, but we estimate we will have puppies ready to go home in 2023. To begin the reservation process for a current or future litter, we ask that a brief application (which we email upon request) be completed to provide information about your home environment as well as your desired physical and temperamental traits for your puppy which greatly assists us in matching each puppy with their new family.

For future litters, a general reservation list is compiled in date order at the time your application and/or deposit is submitted. Depending on your desired timeframe, a $400 deposit may be requested upon submission of your application to confirm your position on the list and becomes non-refundable 60 days prior to the estimated breeding date (but is transferrable to a future timeframe).

It’s not too early to make plans for 2023. 

Nickelsville, Virginia 

 276-594-1249 ~